Why Do We Feel Guilty When Talking About Money

By | September 8, 2020
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I was talking to a friend the other day about our money, and he surprised me by saying he feels guilty when he talks about saving and money. I believe he is completely right. We all feel guilt, and we also know instinctively that feeling guilty is a negative emotion.

Quantum physics explains emotions are energy, and you need to feel them before you can express them. Feeling negative emotions such as those that are associated with guilt only attracts more negative emotions like guilt. But when you feel positive emotions such as those like love, joy, and happiness mixed with your energy of positive emotions, you attract positive manifestations of energy.

Listen to your emotions

But if you feel guilty when talking about money, that means another form of energy is associated with your emotions. This energy of guilt also attracts and creates things with similar vibrations. You may call this cause and effect. But you must hate your guilty feelings. Why would you hate cherished memories of your happiest hour, when you could have them with you all day long?

Hate means hating or resenting. It does not imply Wish that they are to be brought forth in your life for all time, but you do not need to. Why do we experience guilt when talking about money? To justify those feelings, we must accept them at the level of energy that is associated with that emotion. The emotion is what you recognize as guilty. And the energy associated with that emotion draws more energy of the same frequency.

If, for example, your meanings emotions are joy, apprehension, or excitement, then you’ll need time to get the feel for what it means when you speak of money. The actual level of energy connected with your emotions may be very different from how you feel toward money. The emotion is very energetic, so the state of your body is your non-physical version of your current emotional state. It’s not that your feelings don’t exist, but the spoken energy that accompanies them is apologetically Lake lows IMPATIBLEt header.

Feeling guilty about money leads to feeling even more guilty. You then go to your bank, cash drawer, or hang out with people who share the experience of feeling guilty because they are having money troubles. They promise to help you or give you hope that you CAN change your financial circumstances.

And so, the cycle of having money troubles gets repeated over and over. Those who feel guilty try to change their feelings by doing something positive or, they retreat to their dysfunctional beliefs and feelings.

What allows a person to invoke justice on themselves at the moment, while a person acknowledges that they are the ones to blame and like any group motivator has a bigger effect which helps you to feel contrite, but not so much to transform your current circumstances.

Work on your mentality

If you stay in a victim mentality, you’ll continue to feel just as you always have. People like to relate with other people because it allows them to change their thoughts and feelings about their fears and desires, or themselves. Love is not the way to transform yourself because you have not enlightened you’re present consciousness. The contrary accepted version of your feelings is an attack, punishment, withdrawal, or resistance.

Maybe we have decided that our challenge is to make some needed repairs with the relationships that are most important to us in our lives. This may help us a little bit. It may not.

Meditation on the concept and related power of non-resistance and in awakening to it will help you to keep the balance and open the doors wide open for all those positive connections that you need.

Resistance is not your enemy, it is some of your most prominent shreds that sabotage your continuous connection with the truth of who you are, and again, you may choose to ignore it big time, but the self-sabotaging effects are real. Some of them have been inside your spirit so very long that it takes more than just a spiritual opportunity to get rid of them.

Spiritually, when something seems to be attracting your attention, the best bet, if you want to anchor yourself was to just understand that the Universe is going to send you whatever it sends you.

You are always going to decide as to where the energy that is paying attention to that irrelevant intent comes from.

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