Time Management For Teachers – Seven Tips to Manage Your Time More Efficiently

By | August 7, 2020
Teacher at school

Most people don’t realize that teachers enjoy a certain amount of freedom in their student’s lives. The common assumption is that the teachers have some control over how the students spend each day and how they spend their time, but that is not necessarily so.

Learning to manage your time is an essential skill. This will enable you to spend more time with the kids and still keep order in the house. To put time management into perspective, it is only effective if you can show yourself responsible for the way each minute of your time is used. Time management has many benefits!

Seven tips for effective time management

1. Plan the week and teach the whole class at the beginning of the week, i.e. one-half hour each week on Monday and seven-thirty on Tuesday.

2. Give the child a notebook and record all assignments, assignments for homework, chores, etc.

3. All children must be shown and given a “to do” list with which they must work.

4. A weekly review is necessary to see what progress has been made.

5. Allow the child to work from their book when there is lesson one.

6. Have the child fill the notebook from lesson one to lesson eight and record any notes in the notebook before and/or during lesson eight.

7. Always begin and end the week on a positive note. Always say encouraging words throughout the week (e.g. Good job, the child is doing well, Knucklehead, etc).

Now that you have these seven tips, it is up to you to teach your students to plan their week and manage their time.

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