The Best Foods to Eat For Fat Loss

By | August 9, 2020
Fresh vegetables

Is there any food type that will help to burn fat? There are some! It’s called MUFAs.

What are MUFAs?

Well, you are probably familiar with polyunsaturated oils. Those are the “bad” fats. They are most commonly found in most vegetable and seed oils. You’ve most likely seen the “So many oils in this diet are bad for me” types of claims.

Polyunsaturated oils remain in hopes of being someday allowed to be included on human food lists. Fatty fish has been the favorite choice of medical professionals for ages, due to that nutrient’s heating and oxidizing characteristics.

But can seed oils – and especially dark sesame oil (wild soybean, not farmed), avocados, even chocolate chips, really help you to burn fat and lose weight?

Polyunsaturated oils include omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are generally thought to be good for your heart and do reduce your risk of heart disease. There is also flax oil, which although it has a bad reputation among some groups due to its supposed effects of being too high in omega-6 fats, it is still an excellent mono-unsaturated fat.

So how do you know what oils to eat

Easy! Just look for the word “soy” or soy in the ingredients list. Examples include butter, eggs (coconut/fish), and even some oils like nut butter! Other good oils include macadamia and canola oil, the pure virgin olive oil, and the pure virgin coconut oil.

But not all oils are equal, which brings us toToday’sSuper Foods builds your diet to get rid of food toxins and fat.

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