How to Let Go of the Past – 5 Ways to Release and Let Go of Unwanted Negative Feelings

By | August 12, 2020
Let Go of the Past Time for change

Letting go of the past is a challenge. Yet if you understand that by emitting the love energy you attract more of what you want, you wouldn’t mind going through the process of experiencing the cycle of letting go.

Each one of us is on a journey of personal growth, or shifting our energy to shift our way of being in the world. Sometimes our actions are hunky-dory, while at other times our labels and values might go awry causing us to react in a negative way to other people or our circumstances. That is why we need to let go and let our energy flow again.

Removing the past

Removing the attachments of the past can be the key to happiness and success in your world. The following are some Ways to Let Go of the Past and Let Positive Energy Flow:

1. Understand that you create your reality, therefore your thoughts create your world. If you focus on your old negative attachment thoughts, you will attract more negativity. If you change your focus into thoughts of what you desire, you will attract and manifest positive things in your life.

“Since we get what we vibrate, if we are vibrating thoughts of lack, heavy, struggle, and struggle, we will attract more things to be in a state of lack and being in a state of struggle.” Eckhart Tolle

2. Change how you see yourself. When you start to see yourself as a success, as worthy of having and being happy, it will be. Each person was born with a blueprint that was made by their teachers, parents, family, friends, teachers, etc. Painful situations and past relationships are a means to get to know you as a greater divine being who can accomplish anything in life.

Sometimes the information has to be cut through the layers of illusion and to break through to the soul level to get to the Truth of who you are. You must remove the bondage of illusory ideas, thoughts, and illusions of despair and disillusionment. The more you can lift your eyes beyond the dreams that you wish reality including your present circumstances, the greater possibility there is for your body, mind, and spirit to expand to your fullest potential.

3. Stay focused on truth. Keep your thoughts and energy focused on your desire for new experiences in life. The Universe wants to give you everything you desire. So if you are focusing on how hard life is, then you are moving very quickly towards that which you desire. Think of the reverse situation, how hard life might have seemed when you had a fantasy life which you often think about in your dreams.

With your thoughts and your energy, you magnetize to you your deepest desires. For each group of friends that you interact with ask each one of them what he or she desires most. Those who do not know, ask them. Those who know will not give you something because they would not pull it for themselves.

4. The next thing is going to be for you to realize that you have created great things for yourself and others. That you have reached the destination of this Inner Journey. From your hearts repenting that you want to pull everyone down, to creating you a world of peace and harmony, start to see yourself as a wonderful being, here to fulfill your highest desires.

Relinquish any thoughts of how you would have prepared and planned for your future. Before it happens, go to your heart and let go of the negative emotions attached to what had happened in the past for fear of recurrence.

5. To live your life to the fullest, always remember that there is a Divine Plan in place. You are “in it” to make your mark, to do your duty, and contribute your energy to the greater good. There is a reason for your existence, and it is more helpful for you to let go and allow it to happen rather than holding on to the uncomfortable feelings that you are still carrying from your earlier experiences.

No one will be saying that you have to take responsibility for your life experiences. However, when you understand that every time you respond to something that upsets you, you are creating a circumstance for something else to happen. Then your vibrations are aligned with a situation of contrast, and the consequence may be a problem that needs to be solved.

Lucille Ball said that “You’ve got to be a dreamer, if you can dream it, edit it, if you can maths it if you can haw, if you can soften it, if you can make it or do it, you can do it.”

For some, it may be easier and easier to ignore the pain attached to the past and live in the dark. For those who think they are.

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