Get Pregnant – Your Options

By | August 7, 2020
Pregnant Woman

Getting pregnant is one of the reasons why married people get so excited. It’s an ideal feeling to be cherished by the woman you love. However, it’s also becoming universal as the more recent inventions have made it possible.

There are some simple things you must know about getting pregnant.

First thing first

First is that getting pregnant is not all about having a lot of sex. It’s somehow the only thing you need to be able to hold a child. Having sex is, of course, a problem, but it is possible without worrying about fertility issues.

Of course, you have to maximize your sex chance. If you have sex 14 days before you are supposed to have your period, the sperm count of men will be higher. That’s a great opportunity to get pregnant.

A lot of women try to predict their ovulation time. They use fertility charts or a calculated ovulation calender. These methods are not 100% accurate for everyone.

Ovulation predictor kit

Once you know exactly when you are ovulating, you can have sex exactly with that day. Better yet, have sex two days before, and the day of. That’s much better.

Another must is to be healthy to get pregnant. The healthier you are certainly, the better chances you have to hold off. Underweight women have a hard time conceiving babies. It’s because eating disorders often lead to hormonal irregularities and it causes the menstrual cycle to become irregular.

You need to exercise

Moderate exercises are great, but most of them should be done at a moderate pace. An exercise program high in activities is not recommended. You should avoid anything that is straining. Once you are exhausted the cervix will be closed, and your baby won’t be able to come out.

Eat and drink right

You can have a balanced diet, but it’s best to always eat five portions of fruits and vegetables a day. However, that relies on you not having any limits on how much you’re eating. A whole fruit and vegetable intake of 5 to 6 portions per day is recommended.

Consume your caffeine or alcohol. Now, most people think that when they are trying to conceive, they must be sure they’re not taking in too much caffeine or alcohol. But that’s not the case. The sperm and the egg are both much better off without it.

Also, reviewing with your doctor what is and isn’t a healthy position to have sex in is important to help you have a safe and easy time getting pregnant.

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