Blast and Rid Your Belly Fat

By | September 8, 2020
Watermelon and blueberries on a plate

Tired of carrying a belly bulge that never seems to go away no matter how much exercise you do? Exercise is, in fact, one of the very worst ways of trying to lose weight.

There are many ways to focus on losing your belly fat. You can read hundreds of liters of information online, or spend hours at the gym. It doesn’t boil down to starving yourself and a whole lot of exercise; all you need to do is generally increase your activity levels to increase the calories you burn.

Exercises and Diet

Of course, exercise is a necessary part of trying to lose weight. You may not want to be doing it, however, if you are looking for fast and effective results, you really can’t run around in a jiffy and expect that your belly fat is going to disappear overnight without doing anything at all.

You need to stop eating the things that are contributing to your belly fat. Your best diet is actually to focus on what you should be eating. Not the general type of food most people think of when they think of dieting – bread and potatoes obviously, as well as pasta and all those fattening foods.

The foods you need to be eating are plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, lots of meat, rice, pasta, and similar Grain products, for example, anything that comes in a box or bag. If your main staple diet is takeaway food, you should try to limit it to no more than once a week, combined with a couple of fresh fruit or vegetables whatever you can think of.

I mentioned above the fact that you should eat plenty of meat, but bear in mind that it is such a huge part of a good eating plan that you really should try to make sure it is a regular part of your meals. Try boiling or steaming your meat instead of frying it – you then don’t have to throw away all those fat calories. You may just find it an ideal solution for eating sensibly.

For a lot of the foods you will be eating, you will need a little time to get used to preparing them. If you buy the stew food, you will have to do it in advance so that it can last longer.

You’re also going to need to include plenty of fruit for snacks. Unfortunately, the portions are very small. The best thing to do is spacing them out through your three meals. In between your main meals, eat some fruit.

You may think that fruit is an extremely healthy option, but you are quite wrong. Apples are quite good, but remember that we all need a little salt in our diet for the other vitamins and minerals – you may not need anything else – but the fruit has pretty high natural levels of sugar in it, which is not such a bad thing to have. Keep your fruit intake to three small portions a day.

Add fruits and vegetables

Don’t forget your five a day fruit and vegetables, but also up your portions of those healthy snacks. For example, no other than a banana in the early morning and melon in the afternoon. You can always make them more appealing by putting your favorite kind of fruits together, such as peanut butter and apple – or strawberry and banana.

You’re not going to want to miss your fish so you can have one a day. Make sure you have two or three a week if you want effective results. Fish is protein-rich, so it should help with weight loss. However stick with salmon or sardines, as they are the best.

Soy is also great in any diet, but again, be conservative about it as a general rule. Soy milk, for example, contains almost twice the protein of milk two servings a day. Soy is no compliant food, however, can help if you don’t want to give up meat completely. Other such foods for dieting you should add-in, without overdoing it, are berries, avocado, beans, seeds, and nuts, for example.

To make your dieting effort more pleasant and effective, instead of bench lettuce, for example, put some spinach or cucumber in there. You can also opt for tea without sugar (especially green and green teas), and some fruit.

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