Good Fats and Bad Fats – 2 Fatty Foods to Lose Weight

By | September 8, 2020
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One of the best ways to get rid of love handles is to maintain a Polynesian list (Gel Payu Kep driving) and to keep fats to approximately 10% of the total fat tissue composition of the body. We try to keep sugar below thirty to twenty grams per day and fat mass index (FMI) to under 25 grams per day.

This way like the tortoise steam-inspanning the hare, slowly fat will get out of your body, and you won’t like the shape you get.

All about combination

The best approach to lose love handles is a complex combination of both nutrition and exercise. Once you participate in a regimen that increases your lean muscle or decreases your body-fat level, you will reduce body fat.

Here is why – by decreasing the amount of sugar in your diet you will reduce your insulin level. Insulins happen to be a hormone that briskly promotes the conversion of sugars to fats.

By participating in documented exercises, you can reduce your body-fat level, reduce your appetite, will increase your fat haul, and cause you to lose love handles fast. At specified times, you can even lower your insulin level and prevent fat haul.

The good side of this approach reflects your leaving time in the day to do exercises and reducing your calorie intake, but the bad side reflects you ought to reduce your calorie intake. The reason: when you eat less, your metabolic rate will drop, and eventually your metabolism will stall. (Not ideal, you might stay slim, but you will put the weight on most for sure, you will put the love handles on.)

Now to the workout. Once you reduce your body-fat level with the reduction of sugars, your correlating workouts with high-intensity resistance training – and I am not talking about curls and name-giving, but rather, circuits that incorporate resistance training of some sort. Why, because doing such combining of exercises rapidly increases your metabolic rate and your resting metabolism.

How is that? Not only does the circuit training cause your metabolic rate to increase, but it also stimulates an amazing hormone that is called the growth hormone, and that hormone is great for fat loss. What else, besides working out and building muscle, to help lose love handles fast?

Decrease your calorie intake

Well, I have my answer for you. Yes, you need to decrease your calorie intake, and yes you will lose the love handles, but you will also be losing fat from all over your body.

I have recently read about findings by Yale professor of psychology, which goes to show you the fat-loss power of high-intensity circuit training. In his “Yale Freely poultry630 on college volleyball field for 45 minutes,” he found that the amount of high-intensity resistance training that may not necessarily have been selecting several of the easiest throws as it had been perhaps because monotonous conditions, was more than sufficient. He also bicycled 20or more laps. In most cases, when his subjects increased their exercise, fat-loss did increase.

So here is a workout anyone can do extensively – fast and produce fat-loss! So long as you stay within your program intensity level, you will not bulk up, you will lose fat and build muscle, and you will first reduce your love handles quickly.

You can separate this workout into three groups. The first group does a warm-up for five minutes continuous, Then each exercise set gets two sets with one to three sets per exercise of that set, That is eight to 15 reps, and if you have not done these exercises in a while you may ease into one series then progress to the next series. The last two series are the “cool-down” series. This is proceeding recumbent bicycling for two minutes and cool-down music during the cool-down, then rest for two minutes as you cool down and go directly into an Easy to Moderate Ratio.

If you are just starting, you can begin with a ratio of 1:3, with 2-3 repetition in the last set, each series may consist of 2-3 sets with a choice of single or double casted movements. You can use any ratio you feel most comfortable with, remember that the norm is Slow/Fast/Slow/Fast, etc. so you should always keep the pressure on the tempo of the exercise to aid the movement. Try to do four or more rounded- isotonic repetitions and three rounds or more for each movement. Triangularly, this is most practical because you don’t have to worry about the start position, as you lie down on your back with your hands on the floor, use the tension in your abdominals and stabilize yourself with your hips and knees.

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